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column packing internals...


IMTP High-Performance Random Packing  ® 

Norton Chemical Process Products Products Corporation

An Overview of Intalox ®  High-Performance Systems.

A t N orton C hem ical P rocess P rod ucts C orporation, an Intalox® H ighP erform ance S ystem is an entire packed tow er — a tow er w hich contains w ell-m atched com po nents for optim aldistillation, absorption or stripping perform an ce. W e callour high -perform ance system s INTALOX  becau se this w ell-respected trad em ark rep resents the p red ictab le and reliab le p erform an ce of thousan ds of N orton-packed tow ers in service w orldw ide. In every Intalox H igh-P erform ance S ystem , you w illfind a superior N orton tow er packing and a carefully selected liquid and/or vapor distributor, engineered to assure sp ecific distribution levels.

Intalox ®  High-Performance Structured Packing (B ulletin IS P -2) P rovides m axim um pred ictab le fractionation efficiencies.

C om bines high cap acity and low pressu re d rop per theoretica lstag e.

Features a un ique doub le-corrug ated sheet co nstruction.

Ceramic, Plastic and Metal Random Packings (B ulletins C TP -1, P TP -1 and M TP-1)

P aten ted sheet surface texturing im proves separation efficiency.

S ad dles, pallring s a nd R asch ig rings.

Intalox ®  Snowflake ®  High-Performance Plastic Packing (B ulletin IS P P -1R )

A sso ciated tow er internals.

P rovides greater cap acity and efficiency than fractionation trays and other rand om packing s. E xhibits ap proxim ately 40 % low er pressure d rop than eq ual-sized pallrings. M inim izes liquid residence tim e through low liquid hold-up. Q uickly installed; requires m inim al changes in existing vessels; structuralstrength allow s p acking dep ths u p to 15 m (50 ft) or m ore.

Hy-Contact™ Fractionation Trays (B ulletin FT-2)  Valve, si eve an d bubblecap trays.

IMTP ®  High-Performance Random Packing

Other Norton mass transfe r products 

O ptim izes ab sorption an d stripping tow ers. C om bines high cap acity w ith h igh efficiency in one p acking size. P rovides low er pressure d rop than 90 m m (3.5 in.) plastic packing s. Exh ibits greater efficiency than other 38 m m (1.5 in.) plastic packing s.

Intalox ®  Liquid and Vapor Distributors (B ulletin TIG -1) 

E ach d esign is based on N orton’ s rating system for quantifying distribution uniform ity.

W ith Intalox d istributors, packing perform anc e is ind ep endent of tow er diam eter and bed de pth.

Intalox distributors are essentialin tow ers req uiring m an y stag es w ith low H ETP.

Intalox d istributors are available in pan-type, deck-type and troug htyp e construction.

S tan dard o r cartridge assem bly.

Grid-Type Packing (B ulletin IG -1) 

P rovides great structured stren gth and fouling resistance.

Liquid/Liquid Extraction Tower Internals (B ulletin TIG -1) 

Feed pipes an d disp ersion plates to acco m pany various p ackings.

Denstone ®  Catalyst Bed Support Media (B ulletin D EN -1) 

A vailable in a variety o f sizes and ceram ic m aterials.

IMTP Packing Performance.

IM TP packing is applicable in as broad a range o f services as any m ass transfer device. It is h eavily used in distillation tow ers — from deep vacuum tow ers, w here its low pressure drop is crucial, to high-pressure tow ers, w here its capacity easily su rpasses that of trays. M an y ab sorption and stripping tow ers, esp ecially those aim ing for high cap acity or m an y stag es, rely on IM TP packing. The low pressure d rop of IM TP packing contributes to its success in heat transfer tow ers, such as olefin plan t que nch colum ns.

IMTP Packing Performance Under Uniform Liquid and Vapor Distribution

To provide insight into the highperform an ce operating ch aracteristics of IM TP packing , co nsider the packing perform ance curve. In a distillation system , uniform liquid and vapor distribution causes the H ETP to b e nearly ind ep endent of liquid an d vapor rates. A t high vap or rates, how ever, the pac king exhibits a region of im proved efficiency (low H E TP ) w here high vapor turbulenc e influences the liquid surfaces and im proves the m ass tran sfer. N orton d efines tw o p acking prop erties from a p erform an ce cu rve: 1.The S ystem B ase H ETP of a packing, w hich is the flat H E TP value produced by un iform distribution. 2.The E fficien t C ap acity of a p acking, w hich is the g reatest vapor rate at w hich the packing stillm aintains the System B ase H ETP.

   t   )   e   n    t   e    l   a    l   a    P   v    i    l   u  a   q   c    i    E    t    t   e    h  r   g  o    i   e   e    h    T    H    (   a    P   o    T    t    E    H

F   l   o o  d  P   o i  n  t  

E   f  f  i  c  i  e n  t  C   a   p a  c i  t    y  

Vapor Rate

Materials of Construction IM TP packing can be fab ricated from alm ost any m etal. E xam ples of available m etals a re: C arbo n steel S tainless steel

S    y  s  t  e m 

B  a  s e  H  E   T  P  

S ince E fficient C apacity is not the sam e a s the hyd raulic capacity or flood point, N orton rates packing s b y percent of E fficient C apacity rather than by p ercent of flood. The System B ase H ETP concept raises im portan t questions: 

W hat is the S ystem B ase H ET P of a packing in a given system ? (S ee p ag e 6).

H ow m uch does liquid distribution quality affect H E TP ? (S ee pag e 1 1)

W hich liquid distributors sh ould be chosen to m ake a tow er perform near its S ystem B ase H E TP ? C onsult the Tow er Internals G uide, TIG -1.

H igh-alloy steels D uplex steels N ickeland nickelalloys Copper A lum inum Titanium Zirconium

IMTP Packing Sizes Available IM TP packing is available in six sizes. From sm allest to largest, the sizes are num bered 15 , 25 , 40 , 50 , 60 and 70 . Th e sm all sizes exhibit the best efficiency, w hereas the large sizes exhibit the greatest capacity and low est pressure d rop.

IMTP Packing Capacity.

The E fficien t C ap acity of IM TP packing in a no n-foam ing system can be estim ated as:

     

E fficient C apacity, C S C = C o  20


– 0.11

 0 .2

Capacity Correlation

No. 70 No. 60

No. 15

No. 50

No. 40

No. 25

1.00 0.90 0.80 0.70


0.60 0.50 0.40

  s    /    t    f   0.30   o    C

0.10 0.09 0.08 0.07


 C   o -  m  /    s

0.06 0.05 0.04

0.10 0.01




0.05 0.06

0.08 0.10




0.50 0.60




Flow Parameter, X

Nomenclature and Definitions L - Liqu id m ass rate G - G as m ass rate   - Liquid density L  G - G as density V - Superficialgas velocity, m /s o r ft/s

           

L X -  G

Cs -V

  G   L


G        L

 n g e  a   t a  R   D a



 ≤ 73

 ≤ 1.1

Flow param eter

m /s o r ft/s


- S urface ten sion, dyne /cm

- Liquid viscosity, cp


- Liquid kinem atic viscosity, cs

N orton routinely d esigns tow ers u p to 90% of Efficient C apacity.This lim it leaves an estim ated 11 % turn-up before the packing loses its d esign efficiency.

IMTP Packing Pressure Drop.

Th e p ressu re d rop o f IM TP packing in non-foam ing system s can be estim ated by the follow ing G eneralized P ressu re D rop C orrelation.

Generalized Pressure Drop Correlation 10.

1.5 ( 1 2 5 )  1.0 ( 8 3)  0.50 ( 42) 0.25 (21)

Values of Pressure Drop P aram eter of cu rves is pressure d rop in inc hes of w ater per foot. Figures show n in parentheses are m m of w ater per m eter of packed height.

1.0    1  .    0

0.10 (8)




  s    C   •    F   =    Y

0.05 (4)


0.01 0.001





Flow Parameter, X

 r   f/  t   e   t  a   w .   n   i  1 .0

= 1.87 m m H g/ft = 6.15 m m H g/m = 817 P a/m

Value of Packing Factor F

  i z e  S  n g  c  k  i  n m / s  a   P  P  C s  i   f  t / s   T   I  M   h e n   i n  s   F  w  h e n C  o n   t  i   F  w   i m  i  t a  m  2   t e  L   3 /  h •  /  f  t  2  a   i d  R  m  g p m  u   q    L  i

 (Average Values)

N o. 15 54 9

N o. 25 44 1

N o. 40 25 8

N o. 50 19 4

N o. 60 17 2

N o. 70 12 9







34 14

73 30

12 2 50

12 2 50

12 2 50

12 2 50

Norto n’s Packed Tow er Design  Program em ploys different values of  Packing Factor F for d ifferent liquid  rates. Average values show n should  not b e used above the liquid rate limit. For liquid rates ab ove the limit, use the  rating program or co ntact Norton for  an app ropriate F value.

IMTP Packing Efficiency.

The efficien cy of pac king in m ost distillation tow ers is exp ressed as H ETP, or height eq uivalen t to a theoreticalplate. The m ass transfer efficiency of allm ass transfer devices is system properties dep endent. S ystem properties that affect the efficiency are liquid viscosity and surface tension. The efficiency of a packed system also dep en ds on the u niform ity of liquid and vapor distribution. The concept of S ystem B ase H ET P assum es tha t a sp ecific separation receives uniform liquid an d vapor distribution. This concept is useful because it iso lates the system ’ s effect on H ETP aw ay from the distribution co nsiderations. A s a first approach in projecting H ETP values, N orton has d evelop ed a co rrelation for estim ating H E TP from the system properties. It is d esirable to co nfirm the projected H ETP values w ith test data in co lum ns having uniform vapor and liquid distribution in the sam e system or a system having very sim ilar properties. N orton h as an extensive b ank of operating data from a w ide variety of system s and can provide referen ce data to co nfirm final H ETP values up on request. The efficiency correlation applies to system s w hich (a) are non -aq ueou s, (b) are non-reacting an d non-ionizing, and (c) have low relative vo latility (less than three). In these system s, the S ystem B ase H ETP of IM TP packing for distillation an d reboiled stripping service s can be estim ated by:

   

System B ase H ETP = A  20 or

– 0.16

– 0.19

The p acking efficiency in o ther services or other system s m ust be estim ated by other m etho ds.

 e  S  i z  g  n  c  k  i  -  m m  a   P  P  A  -  i n.   T   I  M  A  m  m   B  -  -  i n.   B

N o. 15

N o. 25

N o. 40

N o. 50

N o. 60

N o. 70

27 2 10.7 29 6 11.7

33 0 13.0 36 6 14.4

40 1 15.8 43 9 17.3

52 6 20.7 57 9 22.8

61 6 24.2 67 8 26.7

75 8 29.9 82 7 32.6

  t s   i m  i   L   i o n   t   a   l  r r e  C o 

 0 .2

With Norton Intalox liquid distributors, the HETP of IMTP packing is independent of tower diameter and packing d epth.

Values of A and B

(1.78) for 

     

System B ase H ETP = B  20

N on-un iform liquid a nd vap or distribution w illcause actualH E TP values to be substantially g reater than the S ystem B ase H E TP value. H ow ever, com m ercialtow ers w ith proper liquid and vapor distribution co nsistently ap proach the S ystem B ase H E TP w ithin 1 3% . Fo r this reason , N orton design s often use H E TP values 13% abo ve the S ystem B ase H ETP. W hat rep resen ts p roper liquid distribution for a com m ercialtow er? In tow ers requiring few theoretical stages, traditionaldistributors can app roach the S ystem B ase H ET P value. C onversely,in tow ers requiring m an y theo reticalstag es N orton Intalox d istributors are required to app roach the S ystem B ase H ET P value.


0.4 cp

R elative Volatility < 3 If  > 27 , use  = 27

 n g e  a   t a  R  a   D

2.0 0.06

 ≤ 26.6 ≤  ≤ 0.83 ≤

for  > 0.4 cp   - S urface 

ten sion, dyne/cm - Liquid viscosity, cp

Comparison of IMTP Packing to Other Mass Transfer Devices.

Th e p erform ance o f a m ass transfer device is typically m easured by com paring its capacity and efficiency. A n effective device w illallow a high

throughput capacity for a g iven level of efficiency. In vacuum service, the pressure d rop of the d evice is also a m easure o f its perform ance.

IMTP packing has greater capacity and efficiency than trays, as illustrated by the following charts.

Comparison at Flow Parameter X = 0. 028 100 mm Hg Hydrocarbon Distillation 18

N o. 25

16 14

N o. 40 (18)


45 7


 n g  c  k  i  a   P  P   T   M   I

N o. 50 N o. 60

(24) 61 0


(30) 762




4    v e  e   i  s  e n  t   i   c  o u s (  n  ). 2   i  e  f  f  t  v a r  i m m  i  s a n g s,  6 0  %   y   a   r   t  a c  i  s p

0.03 0.10

0.06 0.20

0.09 0.30

Capacity Cs

IMTP packing out performs other random dumped pack ings, as shown below.

N o. 70

0.12 0.40

E  f   f   i    c   t   i   r   e  a  y  n  s   c   o  y  r   a 7  s   9  s  2  t    0  a  g m e m s   p  (   2  e r   6  9  . 1   0  f   5   t   .  0   )    p m  a m  c  k   (    3  i   n  0   g  0  . f    t   .  )  

0.15 m/s 0.50 ft/s

Comparison at Flow Parameter X = 0 . 69 14. 7 bar (210 PSIA) FCC Deethanizing Stripper 18

N o. 25

16 14

N o. 40 45 7



  l  v e  a   v  e n  t   i   c  o u s  i n  ).   i   f  e  f  t  v a r  i m m (   a ,  6 0  %   y s  g s   t r a  a c  i n  s p



Typ icalP ressure D rop R elationship


N o. 70


0.015 0.05

0.030 0.10

0.045 0.15

0.060 0.075 m/s 0.20 0.25 ft/ s

Capacity Cs

50 mm (2 in. ) Packings

25 mm (1 in. ) Packings CIS = Ceramic Intalox Saddle

N o. 60

(24) 76 2


N o. 50


53 3


 n g  c  k  i  a   P  P   T   M   I

(18 )

Typica lC ap acity R elationship

Typ icalP ressure D rop R elationship 1.47

Typica lC ap acity R elationship




MPR = Metal Pall Ring

1.14 1.0

1.0 0.85

 C  I    S 

M P  R 

I   M T  P 




0.58  C  I    S 

M P  R 

I   M T  P 

 C  I    S 

M P  R 

I   M T  P 

 C  I    S 

E  f   f   i    c   t   i   r   e  a n  y   s   c   o  y  r   a 7  s   9  s  2  t    0  a  g m e m s   p  (   2  e r   6  9  . 1   0  f   5   t   .  0   )    p m  a m  c  k   (    3  i   n  0   g  0  . f    t   .  )  

M P  R 

I   M T  P 

Design Example.

Statement of Problem : A deep bed of N o. 50 IM TP packing is to be u sed in a 2 438 m m (96 in.) ID 11.0 bar ga (160 psig) hyd rocarbon stripper. R ate the packing capacity an d estim ate its p ressure drop under the follow ing hyd rau lic loadings.

Liquid R ate - 244,940 kg/hr (540,000 lb/hr) Liquid D en sity - 544.6 kg /m 3 (34.0 lb/ft3 ) Liquid V iscosity - 0.25 cp

Vapor R ate - 76 ,20 0 kg /hr (168,000 lb/hr) Vap or D en sity - 22.4 kg/m 3 (1.40 lb/ft3) S urface Tension - 10.5 dyne/cm


The sequence of calculation is:


1. Tow er C ross-SectionalA rea



= (0.785 4)(2.43 8)2 = 4.66 8 m 2

2. S uperficialVapor Velocity G V =   G •A



3. C ap acity F actor, C s (see p g. 4)

C s = 0.202 4

4. Flow P aram eter, X (see p g. 4)


5. K inem atic V iscosity


A =





  =  / ( L , g/cm


76200  (22.4)(4.668)(3600)


= (0.78 54 )(8.0)2 = 50.27 ft2



= 0.2024 m /s

= 0.6631 ft/s

2 2 .4   54 4 .6 -22.4 


C s = 0.663 1

= 0.0419 m /s



= 0.25

1 .4 0   34 .0 -1 .40 


= 0.1374 ft/s

2 4 4 9 4 0 2 2 .4   

76200 = 0.65 2

168000  (1.40)(50.27)(3600)

5 4 4 .6



/ 1000  5 4 4 .6  


1 .4 0 3 4 .0

= 0.25



168000 = 0.65 2


= 0.46 cs

 

540000  


3 4 .0 6 2 .4


= 0.46 cs

Capacity Rating: From the capacity chart on p ag e 4, C o = 0.06 1 m /s (0.20 ft/s) for N o. 50 IM TP packing at X = 0.65 . 6. E fficient C apacity, C sc (see p g. 4) 7. C ap acity R ating Cs

 C sc

   

1 0 .5 C sc = (0.061)  20 = 0 .053 7 m /s

0 .0 4 1 9   0 .0 5 3 7


0 .2 5 0 .2

– 0.11


= 78% C apacity

   

1 0 .5 C sc = (0.20)  20 = 0.1760 ft/s

0 .1 3 7 4   0 .1 7 6 0


0 .2 5 0 .2

– 0.11


= 78% C apacity

Pressure Drop Estimation: 8. O rdinate V alue (see p g. 5)

9. P ressu re D rop (see p g. 5)

Y = (194 )(0.0419 )2 (0.46)0.1 = 0 .31 5

P = 14 m m H 2 O /m

Y = (18)(0.137 4)2 (0.46)0.1 = 0.31 4

P = 0.17 in. H 2 O /ft

Case Stud y.

Question: A gas plan t deethanizer co ntains three b ed s of IM TP packing and Intalox distributors. Five sets of operating d ata w ere analyzed to ob tain m easured H ETP values as tab ulated below . Is the d eethan izer packing perform ing as it should?

Operating Data

Analysis: The averag e surface ten sion value in the rectifying section is 3.0 dyne/cm , an d the averag e viscosity is 0.065 cp . B y the co rrelation on pag e 6, the S ystem B ase H ETP of N o. 25 IM TP packing in the rectifying section is:

 

3 .0 System B ase H ETP = 330  20 or 3 .0 S ystem B ase H ETP = 13.0  20

– 0.16

 

– 0.16

 n  c  t  i o  e  S  e r  -  m m   w   T o  p  t  h s  -  f  t  e  s  d  D  e p  t  h   i z e  e   B  d  D   P S   B e   I  M  T  / c m   y n e  c p  d    o n  o s  i  t  y  n  t   i  s   T e n   V  i s c  e C o u  e  m  c  r  f a   i q  u  i d  S  t a g  P -  m .  u  S   L   E  T   P -  i n   H  r e d   H  E  T  u  s  d  a   M e  a s u r e   M e

R ectifying

S tripping


7087 & 7772

13 '7"

23 '3" & 25 '6"

N o. 25

N o. 50

2.5 - 3.5

1.2 - 4.0

0.06 - 0.07

0.05 - 0.08



48 1

75 8



(1.78)0.065 = 46 4 m m

(1.78)0.065 = 18.3 in.

S im ilarly, the S ystem B ase H E TP of N o. 50 IM TP packing in the stripping section is:

 

2 .6 System B ase H ETP = 526  20 or 2 .6 S ystem B ase H ETP = 20.7  20

 

– 0.16

– 0.16

(1.78)0.065 = 75 7 m m

(1.78)0.065 = 29.8 in.

Data Summary

  i o n   t  c  e  r S  m m  e   T o  w   T  P -  m   H  E  -  m  d  r e   T  P  a s u  e  H  E  -  i n.  e   M   B a s   P   E  T   i n.   H  m    t e  e d  S  y s  a s u r   H  E  T  P   M e  a s e   B  m   e   t  S  y s

R ectifying

S tripping

48 1

75 8

46 4

75 7





Conclusion: M easured H ET P values should b e equalto, or slightly above, the S ystem B ase H E TP values estim ated by the correlation. B ecause the deethanizer H E TP values are very close to the c orrelation values, w e conclude that the deethanizer’ s pac king is ach ieving the b est efficiency that can b e exp ected .


Liquid Distribution for Intalox Systems.

Liquid Distribution Quality M any researchers in the distillation field have proven that uniform liquid distribution over tow er packing is im perative for developing the fullefficien cy o f the packing. This concept, ho w ever, poses q uestions concerning liquid distribution devices:

Typic al Packed Tower Layout

 x  f l u  R e

 e d  F e

How can d istribution uniformity or distribution q uality be analyzed to  quant ify the degree of uniformity? 

What d egree of uniformity is required  for a comm ercial packed tow er to  perform sat isfactorily? 

 i p e  P  e d  F e  d  u i  t o r  u  b  L i q  i  i s t r  i t e r  D  u i d  L i m  L i q  B e d  g  k i n  c  P a  e  l a t  P  t  )  o r  p p  f e e d s  u  S  s e  h a  r  o - p  i b u t o  w  t  (   i s t r  i t e r  r y  d  e  l  l  e  R  m  G a  i d  d L i  h  u  s  e  q  B  L i  F l a  n g  c k i  a  P

 e  l a t  P  o r t  p p  u  r  S  u t o  b   i  r  i s t  r D  o  p  V a

 r  o i l e  b  R e p o r  V a

N orton h as d eveloped a d istributor rating system * for quantifying distribution uniform ity. W e rate distribution quality as a p ercentag e, w here 1 00% quality indicates idealuniform distribution an d 0% indicates a significant portion o f packing is receiving no liquid at all. The significance o f Norto n’s distribution q uality rating system is  that the rating correlates to tow er  performance. N orton has foun d that tow ers w ith deep bed s o f high-efficiency packing are se nsitive to liquid distribution quality. C onversely, tow ers w ith sh allow beds o f traditionalpacking are less sensitive to distribution quality.

*Norton’s distributo r rating system was  presented in the paper, “Liquid and G as  Distribution in Comm ercial Packed  Tow ers,” at the 36t h Canadian Chem ical  Engineering Conference in Octo ber, 1986. The paper was also pub lished in CPP  Edition Europe, August , 1987.


When is distribution quality important?

From N orton’ s quantitative distributor rating system , N orton defines tw o categories of liquid distributors: N orton Intalox D istributors Tradition alD istributors

90-100% quality gen erally 30 -85 % qu ality

Norton Intalox distributors are engineered for

The effect of liquid distribution q uality on tower performance is shown by this c orrelation:

High purity product distillation services


Distillation services operating close to minimum reflux


Heat t ransfer services with close temperature approach

Services with high stage count per bed

Norton traditional distribut ors are designed for t owers where fewer stages are required, or where achieving the System Base HETP of the packing is not critical. In these towers, a small amount of extra packing permits the use of a less expensive traditional distributor. N orton Tow er Internals G uide (TIG -1) presents a com plete d iscussion of liquid distribution as w ellas a co m plete sum m ary o f availab le liquid an d vap or distribution eq uipm en t.

16  g  n   i   k  c 14  a   P   f  o 12   d  e   B  r  e 10  p  s  e  g 8  a   t   S   l  a  u 6   t  c   A

20 Stages per Bed w ith System Base HETP














Distribut ion Quality, Percent





Norton Services.

In addition to its high-quality products, N orton o ffers a ran ge o f services and technicalexp ertise to its custom ers. Software Availa ble. N orton has develop ed tw o so ftw are packages for its custom ers: the P acked Tow er D esign P rog ram and the Tow er Internals G uide and S election S oftw are P rogram . The P acked Tow er D esign P rog ram he lps custom ers size their tow er and select the proper packing for optim al tow er perform ance. Th e p rog ram calculates pressure d rop, efficiency and capacity of N orton various packing s an d provides data o n liquid ho ld-up. Th e 50 -page Tow er Internals G uide brochure (TIG -1) features m odel descriptions an d ap plication recom m endation s for a w ide range of N orton m ass transfer products. Each description includes the m odel’ s availab le m aterials o f co nstruction an d optionalfeatures. The Tow er Internals S election S oftw are P rogram allow s the user to determ ine the ap propriate eq uipm ent based o n application req uirem ents. Th e prog ram prom pts the u ser to enter application data includ ing tow er diam eter, tem perature, liquid and/or gas flow rates, turnd ow n ratio and fouling ten den cy. G iven these characteristics, the p rogram specifies eq uipm ent for optim al perform ance.

Pilot Plant. N orton’ s pilot plant distillation colum ns located in O hio are available for testing w ith custom er-supplied test system s. These tow ers p rovide inform ation on packing efficiency, capacity an d pressure d rop in the custom er’ s sp ecific system . N orton’ s 38 7 m m (15 .25 in.) ID colum n can hold up to 6 m (20 ft) of random packing , struc tured packing or cartridge trays. This tow er is constructed of 316L stainless steeland is rated for fullvacuum to 400 psia. N orton also offers the use of its 762 m m (30 in.) atm osp heric ab sorber/stripper tow er of 304 stainless steel.

Distributor Test Stands. In its U .S . and E uropean m anufacturing locations, N orton provides flow dem onstrations o f finished liquid distributors u p to 10 m (33 ft) in diam eter. D istributors are tested w ith circulating w ater w ith flow rates up to 910 m 3/h (4,000 gpm ). Individualdistribution points or sets of distribution points can be m etered to assu re all points o r areas are flow ing w ithin sp ecification. W hen ever po ssible, the tests e m ploy the finished liquid feed pipe as w ellas the distributor. These tests p rovide finalassurance that custom er need s and N orton claim s of distribution quality have been m et in the finished product.


Installation Services. N orton provides field consultants to assist custom ers w ith the installation of N orton trays and packing s anyw here in the w orld. M any custom ers have averted m ajor prob lem s and saved significant tim e b y requesting on-site su pervision of their projects. In the U .S ., N orton P rocess S ervices, Inc., a w ho lly-ow ned subsidiary o f N orton C hem ical P roc ess P rod ucts C orporation, offers full-service contracting for tow er m odifications and internalequipm ent installation.

Scanning Services. N orton To w er S olutionsSM S can ning A nalysis provides gam m a scans of operating tow ers and interpretation of the results. A Tow er S olutions scan can diagno se prob lem s that can no t be seen w hen the tow er is no t operating. A scan is an effec tive tool to d iagno se p rob lem s and prep are solution s in ad vance of a sh utdow n for repairs o r m odification.


Quality Policy Statement.

W e at N orton C hem ical P roce ss P roducts C orporation h ave a m ission to achieve and sustain a m arket leadership position in our core b usine sses: M ass Transfer an d C atalytic P roducts. W e b elieve our long term success dep en ds on o ur ab ility to deliver excellence in both perceived an d realized value o f our products an d services to our cu stom ers. In o ur culture “ Q uality in everything w e do”is the only accep tab le beh avior. Th e processes of C on tinuou s Im provem ent and Total Q uality M anag em ent are essential to o ur success. O ur philosophy is to im plem ent m anagem ent system s w hich provide value an d satisfaction to our cu stom ers. O ur focu s is d irected tow ard ach ieving and exceed ing cu stom er expectations. W e w ill provide p roducts an d services that are clearly o f a higher quality than tho se o f our co m petitors.

W e reco gnize that qu ality is a never-ending process of im provem ent aim ing at co m plete cu stom er satisfaction and co nform ance to their changing req uirem en ts. W e w illm aintain op en com m unications w ith o ur cu stom ers to assure tha t their presen t and long term req uirem ents are our prim ary co nsideration. W e w illdevelop and sustain our qua lity system em phasizing total em ployee involvem ent, team w ork, collaboration, break-through thinking, judicious reso urce allocation, creative problem solving, co nstan cy o f purpose, and the determ ination to succeed .

N orton C hem ical P roc ess P rod ucts C orporation, w orldw ide headquarters, sales o ffices and m anufacturing facilities are certified for IS O 9001:1994.

N orton’ s E uropean operation is approved and certified throug h B S I to IS O 9001:1994.

15  Worldwide Office Locations.

Worldwide Hea dquarters N orton C hem ical P roc ess P rod ucts C orporation P.O . B ox 3 50 A kron, O H 4430 9-035 0 Telep ho ne: 330 -67 3-586 0 U .S . TollFree: 1-888 -N O R TO N -1 Fax: 33 0-67 7-72 45

Sales Offices Australia N orton E ngineering M aterials D ivision of N orton P ty. Ltd. N yrang S treet, P.O . B ox 44 Lidcom be, N S W , A ustralia 214 1 Telep ho ne: (61) 2-649-0161 Fax: (61) 2-643-2926

Mexico N orton International, Inc. A lejandro D um as #103 2 D o P iso C olonia P olanco M exico , D .F., C .P. 11590 M exico Telep ho ne: (52) 5-280-05-22 Fax: (52) 5-280 -06-47

Main Office Europe N orton C hem ical P roc ess P rod ucts E urop ean O peration s K ing S treet Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent S T4 2 LT E ngland Telep ho ne: (44 ) 17 82 -74 45 61 Fax: (44 ) 17 82 -74 43 30

France N orton C hem ical P rocess Prod ucts B P N o. 148 R ue d e L’ A m bassadeur F-78 70 2 C onflans S t. H ono rine , Fran ce Telep ho ne: (33) 1-3490-4000 Fax: (33) 1-3490-0788

Russia N orton R ussia O ffice 440 1 G aga rina A venue S aint P etersburg 19 61 05 R ussia Telep ho ne: (7) 812-294-8530 Fax: (7) 812-29 4-8572

Main Office Japan N orton C hem ical P roc ess P rod ucts N orton K K 7, K ojim achi 3-C ho m e C hiyoda-K u Tokyo 10 2, Japan Telep ho ne: (81) 3-326 3-0096 Fax: (81) 3-3263-0097

Germany N orton C hem ical P rocess Prod ucts Th eodor-H euss-P latz 1 1 P ostfach 1 0 11 5 1 D -4040 N euss 1 G erm any Telep ho ne: (49) 2131-15 7 4-0 Fax: (49 ) 21 31 -27 56 69 Holland N orton C hem ical P rocess Prod ucts D adelgaarde 71 2723 B J Zoeterm eer N etherlands Telep ho ne: (31) 79 3 42 8 9 55 Fax: (31 ) 79 34 1 0 2 3 7

United States N orton C hem icalP rocess P rod ucts C orporation 450 1 E ast La P alm a A venue S uite 250 A naheim , C A 9280 7-1904 Telepho ne: 714 -97 0-30 00 Fax: 71 4-970-30 01 N orton C hem icalP rocess P rod ucts C orporation P.O . B ox 35 0 A kron, O H 443 09-035 0 Telepho ne: 330 -67 3-58 60 Fax: 33 0-677-72 45 N orton P rocess S ervices, Inc. 41 37 S . S herw oo d Forest B lvd. S uite 220 B aton R ouge, LA 708 16 Telepho ne 504 -29 2-18 95 Fax 504-29 2-15 19 N orton C hem icalP rocess P rod ucts C orporation 512 0 W ood w ay, S uite 900 0 H ouston, TX 77 056 -17 24 Telepho ne: 713 -62 7-76 67 Fax: 71 3-627-75 67


Norton Chemical Process Products Corporation P.O . B ox 35 0 A kron, O H 443 09-035 0 Telep hone: 330 -67 3-58 60 Fax: 33 0-67 7-72 45

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